Perfect Peppermint Tea Lives Up To Its Name

Price: £5.95 for 50g – Eteaket

If you ever need relaxed, or if your stomach is upset, herbal teas are wonderful at solving your problems. Having dealt with a gallstone issue over the winter, I discovered the joys of mint tea so it was with high excitement that I bought Eteaket’s Peppermint tea.

The packaging for 50g of Perfect Peppermint

Opening the tube, you straight away smell the peppermint and the first experience of the freshness that dictates the tea. As I was making a pot of tea for tea for two, I added three teaspoons of leaves (I tend to find with a teapot, the rule is one teaspoon per person and one for the pot), added boiling water and waited for seven minutes for the tea to brew.

The tea leaves

Once the infuser was taken out, the smell of peppermint was delightful, similar to fresh mint leaves.

Tasting the tea, the peppermint has the right balance. You don’t want the peppermint to be so timid that the mint is impossible to detect, whilst you don’t want it to be too intense that it becomes overpowering. The freshness of the peppermint is a refreshing aftertaste in a pleasant tea.

The experience of the tea is that feeling of relaxed soaring throughout your body, making everything feel better. Perfect. And even better, as the tea cools down (because you make yourself a huge pot for one!) the tea retains the distinctive flavour – something that other mints teas don’t necessarily do. Most importantly, the tea cleanses your palette, like all good mint teas do. Some tea drinkers may want a mint tea that has more character, or even a stronger taste of peppermint. However, I feel that the tea does what it advertises to do – and that there are other refreshing teas out there, like white teas.

The tea is worth the value and is one of the favourite teas that I’ve tried in recent months.


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