Starbucks’ Earl Grey Is The Takeaway Best

Starbucks Earl Grey – Teavana
Teabag: £2.25 – Grande

Let’s face it. We’ve all needed a cup of tea when we’re out and about, and with the nation’s seemingly constant desire for fifteen thousand variations of coffee, tea sadly can feel like the forgotten friend.

A lot of the big coffee shops will only sell Twinnings or Tetley tea, and whilst Twinnings is perfectly fine, I often feel a bit disappointed by this. Especially when you are being charged for a cup what a box of the tea will cost you.

Whilst many people will have grievances about Starbucks, they do seem to care about their tea selection. This article is just about the Earl Grey tea, and not the company, but they do have a wide selection of herbal, black and green teas.

Teavana is an American company that Starbucks bought out in 2012, and last year, their teas hit the UK stores, and offer a wider selection of teas than you will get in Starbucks.

Earl Grey tea is a very important tea for me, simply because this is how I start my day. It is my everyday tea, and I don’t feel fully awake until I have an Earl Grey.

Before I continue, I should point out that I take all my tea without milk or sugar – something I picked up at university where milk disappeared, and I learnt to like tea ‘black’.

The tea has a pleasant smell, with the lavender tempting your senses when made, and I find that it takes about five minutes for the tea-bag to reach the optimised brewing taste. Whilst tea is a personal drink, and I would recommend people experiment with brewing times, there are a couple of points that need to be made. It should be brewed for at least three minutes, and you shouldn’t leave the tea bag in for too long, otherwise, it becomes bitter. However, with this Earl Grey, it doesn’t develop a bitter taste if left in for say ten minutes.

The taste of the tea is pleasant, maybe not has strong as I would like, but it is enjoyable. The citrus from the bergamot oil is noticeable in the aftertaste, with is complemented by the faint lavender.

It is an enjoyable Earl Grey tea. It’s not perfect, and certainly could be more characterful with the flavours still too subtle, but it is a good tea to have when you’re on a train or want to sit down for a while. It’s a comforting drink and one that I enjoy when I order it.

When I say that the flavours are too subtle, what I mean is that you don’t noticeably get the citrus tastes.

Out of the big coffee giants out there, I think Starbucks’ Earl Grey is the best out there.


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