Chilli Rooibos Tea Is A Surprising Twist

Eteaket’s Chilli Rooibos Tea
£5.50 for 15 teabags

Rooibos tea takes its name from the Afrikaans for ‘red bush’ and comes from South Africa and has the scientific name Aspalathus linearis. It is an uncaffeinated herb that comes from out of the ‘real’ tea family but is worth the taste.

Although I normally buy tea leaves from Eteaket, these are the teabags of the Chilli Rooibos Tea. The brewing procedure is identical to herbal tea: 100°C boiling water and seven minutes of brewing – and then a delightful treat is ready to be consumed.

Opening up the packaging, as always you give the tea a smell, but this is where it gets difficult. I’m not sure what it reminds me, or what to compare it to – but I’ve asked a few people to give their opinions, and they all say something similar. It reminds them of their childhood, like it is awakening a happy memory from a time when life was so much simpler. And this is from people who come from different countries and are different ages. For a tea that is meant to be relaxing, that is an amazing compliment.

As someone who doesn’t like spicy food, there was with some apprehension that I took my first sip, but there was no reason to be uneasy. Because the chilli is not spicy, but warming and compliments the taste of cherry. It smells delightful as you take a sip each time and is so refreshing.

As with good herbal teas, the rooibos retains the flavours when the tea cools. The question is, is the tea relaxing? I think it is a relaxing treat that calms you with a lovely palette.

The only issue is that maybe that the tea could have a greater intensity of chilli. In one of the teas that my girlfriend made, the bag burst allowing a more intense flavour of the chilli which she preferred. So, it could possibly benefit from additional chilli.

However, it is a wonderful Rooibos tea that is worth a try.


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