Perfect Peppermint – Iced Tea and Cold Brew

The packaging for 50g of Perfect Peppermint

I had made the decision to make Iced Tea the night before the weather turned cold, however, I live in Scotland. So, Iced Tea is still perfect. And then, having tried eteaket’s cold brew ‘Life’s A Peach’, I decided to make a Cold Brew version. I used eteaket’s Perfect Peppermint Tea, and you can read my review here.

Method 1: Iced Tea

There is a difference between iced tea and cold brew – iced tea is made with boiling water and then cooled down. So I began by making a pot of peppermint tea: three teaspoons of tea leaves, boiling water and then allowed it to brew for seven minutes.

After removing the infuser, I left the pot of tea on the work surface to cool down to room temperature for about two hours. Then, I poured the pot into a jug and placed it into the fridge ad left it there overnight – and I also placed some water in ice-cube moulds for the freezer.

The next morning, I found the fridge smelling of peppermint and I excitedly began to make the iced tea. Adding ice cubes to the glass first, I poured in the tea.

The iced tea was immediately refreshing and the peppermint is still delicate, and makes a lovely drink – if only it was sunny! I also tried it with a slice of lemon but found that the lemon overpowered the peppermint. It’s possible that this could be changed by adding extra teaspoons of tea leaves.

The same issue that I had with the ‘hot brew’ was that the peppermint was not as distinctive as it could be, so it is not a surprise that this is an issue with the iced tea.

But, if we have hot weather in Scotland (surely it must happen), I know I will be making iced tea!

Iced Peppermint Tea

Method 2: Cold Brew

Cold Brew is different to Iced Tea. As the name suggests, the brewing is done with cold water. I have to say, making it, I felt sceptical. I put five teaspoons of tea leaves into a jug, and added 750ml of water, covered it and put it in the fridge.

At first, it looked like what I had done was dropped leaves in water – how was this going to turn into a drink? I was optimistic though, after all, I was making tea.

About 16 hours later, I took the jug out of the fridge, and the peppermint had diffused through the jug, turning the water into a dark yellow liquid. I filtered the tea twice with an infuser – just pouring the tea through the infuser into another jug. And then, it was ready to drink.

It was beautiful. The aftertaste was dominated by the peppermint, a refreshing flavour that made me smile. The tea was characterful, a stronger taste than the iced tea version. In fact, I think the cold brew is so characterful that I would say that the cold brew is the perfect method to make the ‘Perfect Peppermint Tea’. Cold brews, iced tea…looks like I’ve got a lot of experimenting fun ahead.

I also tried squeezing lemon into the drink, but once again, found the citrus of the lemon too overpowering. I’m saying this as someone who loves lemons, even eating the lemon slices, but I just felt that it ruined the characteristics of the peppermint.


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